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i want that loud dvd opening that scared everyone then a disco ball would fall from the ceiling and there would be a panic! at the disco. then the lights would go out as lights blinked and thnks fr th mmrs played.


color + kernel panic


Kernel Panic - Season 2 Mr Robot

Con el kit Kernel Panic de #Malaqa podrás elaborar hasta 5 litros de #cerveza en casa. Make your own #beer with this Malaqa home brewing kit. Best craft beer.

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Experiencing a Mac OS X Kernel Panic? Here's How to Fix It

Experiencing a Mac OS X Kernel Panic? Here's How to Fix It - One of the scariest things a Mac user can experience is a kernel panic, which is when a Mac stops in its tracks, darkens the display, and puts up the message, "You need to restart your computer. Hold down the power button until it turns off." If you see the kernel panic message, first off, relax; there is nothing you can do at this point to make it go away except to restart your Mac.


Whenever a kernel panic issue occurs, a record will be created containing information about what is happening in your Apple MAC OS X…

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Kernel Panic : What is Kernel Panic and What are Trigger Factors

Kernel Panic is an output error message without graphical interface when an UNIX or UNIX Like Operating System like Mac OS X is halted in an undefined state.


i think there's a fault in my code