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Kerygma Daily Readings

Just because a Catholic feels peaceful about practicing birth control, in-vitro fertilization or skipping Mass on Sunday's doesn't mean that they won't be held accountable on judgment day. It is possible for your conscience to be improperly formed and "following your conscience" can sometimes lead us to grave sin. Tonight at 8 PM Eastern on Following The Truth, find out THE TRUTH about what the Church teaches about conscience.


Daily Mass Readings with reflections from KerygmaFamily - Shepherd's Voice Radio and Television Foundation, Inc.

Purgatory 101: Part 1


A Catholic Scripture Diary which makes Bible reading easier each day. It contains the day's Mass readings and Psalm plus a one year Bible reading plan, a daily journal space, enlightening commentaries and teaching inserts and other useful features.


Here it is...the most thorough examination of conscience you will ever hear! It will be great preparation for confession tomorrow ;-) Please share with anyone who could use it!


If you're looking to stop worrying, check out the recording of my free webinar - 5 Ways To Stop Worrying TODAY! It's amazing the peace that you can feel once you grow closer to Jesus. I use these techniques daily and they bring me great peace. Give it a try and see what happens. Even though I recording this for a homeschooling website, the material applies to ALL "worriers". Please share the link with your friends, especially those who worry!


Fr. Timothy Gallagher – “What am I to do?” The Discernment of God’s Will in Everyday Decisions


Tweeting 4 God: Using Social Networking To Spread The Gospel (suggestions from GARY ZIMAK, full time Catholic lay evangelist)