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Kevin Mccloud House

Kevin McCloud's clifftop cabin constructed from cast-offs

Kevin McCloud’s new house may not be a grand design, but it’s certainly a cunning one.


Grand Designs host Kevin McCloud reveals his favourite house

'Jacob's Ladder', designed by architect Niall McLaughlin, has been descirbed by Grand Designs host Kevin McCloud as the home that took his breath away. The indoor pool extends out like a diving board through the tree canopy.


It might be sad how often my days end listening to Kevin mccloud on grand designs... Most days I watch the youtube/abc iview vids till I fall asleep!


Kevin McClouds Man Made Home. Recliner chair made from 1950s Ferguson tractor, recycled dumped metal from a canal & tanned deer skin leather


Kevin McCloud goes off grid and builds a sheda great build and the use of salvaged materials is great but is this build more like a fancy tiny house than a humble garden shed? But it does have some quirky features that would appeal to you sheddies I think •Next to the shed there is a hot tub made from a jet engine air intake •chair made from an old tractor •home made oven, constructed using an old safe

Why we have a crush on Kevin McCloud


Grand Designs: inside the 'truly magical' 40ft-high tree house

After 16 seasons of Grand Designs you might think Kevin McCloud had seen it all. But the “big, proper, grown-up treehouse” featured in the first episode of the new series got the presenter so excited he practically fell out of it. The large larch-clad home 40ft up in the trees took more than two years to build on an overgrown, neglected half acre of land in the heart of a Gloucestershire town – a site that plumber Jon Martin spotted as a child growing up in Dursley and which four decades…


"The really interesting greys, however, are those made with purple. They have a warm, brownish cast that flatters flesh tones and brings natural woodsy materials to life." Kevin McCloud.


Monmouthshire suppliers

Tamayo and Nigel transformed their forester's lodge into a Japanese haven, with a lot of help from these key suppliers...