Head and Shoulders: Working at a computer without a proper ergonomic setup is a real pain. I boosted Sullivan’s laptop on a tiered shelf (it creates storage and acts as a stand to raise the screen to eye level) and added Apple’s sleek trackpad (it allows for all the same hand gestures as the laptop) and wireless keyboard for more comfortable typing.
King School Library - Links to Multiple Free Typing Games (Keyboard Practice)
'Word' Shortcut Keys -  Not all of these work for MAC's but many of them do. When it says to use the ALT button, use control.
Keyboard shortcuts.....save yourself some time
What a great way to teach keyboarding!
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I'm placing this in computer shortcuts because it shows shortcuts keys for when you are using Excel.
50 Keyboard Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier | Computers & Internet - BabaMail
A Cheat Sheet Of Handy Gmail Keyboard #Shortcuts For Windows And Mac - DesignTAXI.com
Bright attractive display to support your technology lessons.  Includes 16 headers with common keyboard shortcuts for PC users.  $