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"I will do what Queens do. I will rule." - Daenerys Targaryen enjoy more #quotes on suggested reading: 10 Best Game of Thrones Quotes by ...

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Really hate how boys/guys are called some form of "girly" when they show some apparent "weakness." Being called a woman should not be considered an insult!

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I am not an ordinary woman, my dreams come true! - Daenerys Targaryen | Lorena made this with

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I'm Not a Princess, I'm a Khaleesi | Game of Thrones | Dragons | Queen | Television Lovers Coffee Mug

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I'm back. In case. Were you meaning no to me? It's just she said it twice. Hope she's having a good time I'm quite jealous of that one lol! I'm only worried that they may be taken in and manipulated later. The girls are perfectly well taken care of and they know that. And they take care of others.

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