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Kid Friendly Large Kitchens

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Easy Mexican Recipes for Kids the Whole Family Will Enjoy Together!

These easy Mexican recipes are perfect for kid friendly family meals because everyone can get stuck in and enjoy the food together.


JELLO FROSTING!! This frosting recipe has a lot of things going for it. It is fast, super light, smooth and creamy on the tongue. Neatest of all, is that it is flavored with jello, so you can make it in ANY Jello flavor you like...watermelon? blueberry? pina colada?


Homemade SpaghettiOs With Minimeatballs

There's a mason jar movement that's sweeping the nation right now, with the old-fashioned canning jars being repurposed for everything from wedding decor to craft projects. Once used primarily for preserving fruits, jams, and jellies, mason jars have

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One Pot Wonder Chicken Lo Mein

Chicken Lo Main-- this one pot dish would be perfect for everyone. Maybe leave out the pepper flakes to make it more kid-friendly.

from Super Mommy Club - Ideas For Busy Moms

Best 30 Minute Dinner Recipes - Easy Midweek Meals!

We're trying to cut back on takeouts and these 30 minute dinners should help us do that - why order out when it takes less time to cook a homemade meal??