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Modern Baby's Room

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Ready to take the kiddos fishing this coming year? Pick up some kid-sized waders, made by, available exclusively on Amazon!

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Multiplication Array Chart~Kids pick a problem, illustrate an array on index or sticky note, then attach it to the right spot. Kids could also show in other ways such as fact family, equal groups, repeated addition, or fact families.

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Ten Books Every Kid Should Own

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This out t will give you all the feels!

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Zion - 9 Months • Guyanese & African American ❤

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Teaching Your Child to Be Organized

Teaching Your Child to be Organized. 25 moms share their secrets on how to teach your kidsto be better organized!

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Simple toddler chore chart! Switching out a the bottom 3 for picking up toys and off to grandmas! :)

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Daily Activity Planner For Kids

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