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I scream as the men walk into my house, I know they've found out about my powers and the government has sent them to kidnap me. "Don't make this more difficult than it needs to be," the man snarles in my ear, slapping the tape across my mouth. I struggle to escape as they drug me so I will pass out. (Open rp, I'm the girl who's 14)


I've never been one to cry, but that day...that day I cried for every one of the brave people I had come to trust, and some, to love. The people who gave their very lives to the cause I set before them. Who saved me time and time again, but when it came down to it, I couldn't save them. I cried for the families who lost someone, the people whose kids I had gotten killed. In the end, I cried for me, for my failure, for not being strong enough.


I tried to keep an eye out for Rose since I only had a vague idea of the guy who kidnapped her. I didn't understand why he chose a carnival of all places to meet. It was crowded with people. People that probably won't notice a girl go missing, especially one not from around here. (Hayley) KLK


"The Ties That Bind". Alyssa Diaz as Mia Clayton. Alcohol and Drug abuse looks like this . . .


"She was a fighter, that one. We couldn't break her. That is, until we implanted the chip. Now she will work for us."