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Home Remedies for Kidney Disease | Organic Facts


Chronic Kidney Disease Patient Education Handout


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Mathea Ford If you have recently been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, you might be feeling a bit hopeless at the moment. Right after a diagnosis like this, so many people feel hopeless or lost as to what to do next. How exactly can you live with kidney disease? Chin Up The first step to living with kidney disease is realizing that all is not lost. There is still so much you can do to extend your life, health, and comfort that can really be

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Top 10 Symptoms of Kidney Disease that You Need to Know

9. Feeling Cold Most of the Time This is another symptom of anemia which could be caused by kidney disease. You may feel cold without any known reason, even when in a warm environment. At times, you may even have a fever with chills. If you feel cold much of the time, along with dizziness and …


March is National Kidney Month, which means that it is time to spread awareness about the risks of kidney disease and how you can keep your kidneys healthy! Ever since 2011, kidney disease has ranked as the ninth leading cause of death in the United States. Incredibly, there are more than 20 million adults in the U.S. that are living with chronic kidney disease (CKD), and yet most of these people have no idea that their kidneys are in danger.


The kidneys perform a wide range of vital functions in the healthy body, such as: Removing wastes and water from the blood, Regulating water fluid levels, Balancing chemicals in your body, Releasing hormones, Helping control blood pressure, Helping to produce red blood cells, Producing vitamin D, which keeps the bones strong and healthy.


Diet for Kidney Disease Patients

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14 Warning Signs of Kidney Disease & Tricks for Strengthening the Kidneys

Kidney disease is a sobering reality that plagues thousands of families every single year. Damage to the kidneys can’t be repaired but it can be lived with if detected early enough. Find here: early signs of kidney damage & how to protect your kidneys.