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Glow Painting! 1. Carefully pop off the back of a Sharpie accents highlighter using a knife. Yellow or green works best. 2. Pull out the innards, and cut the plastic. Be careful, it's messy! 3. Put it in half a plastic cup of water. 4. Turn on the blacklight, turn off the lights, and give those kids some white paper!


Strive to give your children more encouraging words than praise words. Encourage your kids for their efforts and attitudes. Children who receive more encouragement over parise are more resilient. Because they are focused on their effort and believe they can change their circumstances through determination or learning, they are not as shaken by adversity.

from Making Multicultural Music

A New Video Website, Multicultural Kids Music Vid’s, Shares Music and World Cultures With Kids

from Mamas Munckins

How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids-In 3 Days

Are you always yelling at your kids? See how effectively you ca get them to listen without yelling! Get actionable steps, tips and printables!