playroom chalkboard - DIY rustic barnwood - kids chalkboard
the boo and the boy: chalkboards in kids' rooms
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DIY shelf and chalkboard
Magnetic chalkboard for Ava's playroom
Kids Chalkboard and Magnet Wall DIY- perfect for keeping those magnetic letters off the fridge, too!
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Thrift store frames  a chalkboard wall = a fun interactive art gallery where your kids can create their own masterpieces!
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I get asked all the time how our outdoor chalkboard has held up over the years so I thought I'd give you the update! Come see for yourself!
wow what a beautiful chalkboard, perfect for any girls room
We’re officially into August now. And for most of us, that means that panic of school starting soon has kicked in. We can brush it off through July, but as soon as August 1 hits, we can’t deny it anymore. Still, there’s no need to totally freak out. We still have at least a month left of summer holidays. And that’s over 30 days to chill, hang with bae, and work on dorm room DIYs.
Chalkboard and buckets - adorable for a kids playroom, bedroom or family room!
Backyard Chalkboard {this lemon yogurt}
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