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Easyread Time Teacher Kids Clock (Would be great to have one of these in the classroom!)

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A great visual schedule for at home and at school. Color code the clock for students to know what is coming next and for how long this activity will be going on.

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My daughter just turned 5 years old and she has had this fascination with clocks and understanding the concept of time lately. I also have been struggling with structuring a schedule for the kids and getting them to bed on time (with the sun being out later). So… I came up with this bright idea (well at least I …

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A set of worksheets to use when developing analogue clock skills. Set contains 2 sheets, each with 12 clock faces on. There is a sheet for o'clock, and one for half past. There are times on the clock faces that need to be identified. Also included are two editable sheets in Word format - just add autoshape arrows to create your own.

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Final hours at 50% off! This is a fun kit to decorate the clock in your Spanish classroom and help your students learn how to tell time in Spanish. Comes with yellow petals and green stems/leaves and a white version to print on your own colored or patterned paper if you'd like.

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