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three days before my birthday. what did I do to deserve this. what did we, as a human society, do to deserve an emoji movie?? why??? WHY

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Good question. I think we have all tossed and turned many a night wondering the same thing.

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Sorry for posting this everywhere if you follow me but i want it to spread like wild fire

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I might not want to like, cause pain or anything, but funny inconviniences are totally my thing. For example, gluing their phone to something or putting hotsauce in a drink they thought was ice cold.

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I like it, but I like the idea of Teddy getting the map when he starts Hogwarts better

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Hahaha, that's bad lol I'm so glad they took out all the cursing :) that's awesome

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It all started in 2015 when our current President announced he was running.

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Curse you, Poseidon. by on @deviantART

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So true GIF Gallery

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