Ain't this the truth?!!

My children keep me on my toes! my oldest is 8 (going on next is and almost I love them to pieces and they are the reason I keep going!

For Amelia and Maddy who are like sisters. Millions of Miles: Creative Discipline- Our Get Along Jar

I HATE DISCIPLINE. It is one of my least favorite parts of parenting. Just like my kids act all sur.

the irony

Isn’t it a comic…don’tcha think? (No one’s gonna get that joke)Bonus Panel Less than a week left to preorder my book/ win art.

Bonus Panel...

Just put a cup of coffee in hand in every pic and that about sums it up. My Day With The Kids - Fowl Language Comics - March

Fighting kids can drive a parent crazy. Here are the top 24 ways to help your kids stop fighting and start becoming best friends.

STOP FIGHTING! 24 Ways To Help Your Kids Stop Fighting

desperate times call for desperate measures. our get along shirt

Watching this just today my husband saw this part and said that's you! I always imagined being Bell... guess that was pre-kids.

31 Funny Pictures for Today

Triple the time spent shopping ;)

Did you ever think grocery shopping by yourself would be the highlight of your day? Have kids. Via Sarcastic Mommy