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Zookeepers- 2-4 people are the zoo keepers, remaining players are split between 2 "cages" (mats or a clearly designated space), all players in cages must chose a zoo animal, caller calls out "the zookeepers were finally finished with their work for the day when suddenly the __(ex. Monkeys)__ escaped!" the selected animal types must escape their cages & act like their animal, zookeepers tag the animals to send them back to their cages, once all are returned to their cages the next round…

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#cupsanddowns is a game where one team tries to turn all the cups upside down and the other team tries to turn them right side up. Youth Ministry Ideas and Games.

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Could set these up around gym with one team defending them and the other outside the gym lines throwing at them. Trying to have most balls up to win

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10 Awesome Scooter Activities for Kids. Pediatric OT shares activities and the skills involved.

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10 Fun Tag Games for Kids

Tag games for kids are great for outdoor play at camp or for physical education at school. Plus, they wear kids out!

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