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Kili And Tauriel

Aidan and Evangeline.... @saragrace88 they look really comfortable together lol

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Kili and Tauriel! Just watched both Hobbit movies and I ship these two so freaking hard!! I NEED the third movie to be out NOW!

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I didn't need the vital organ that just crumbled into a million pieces known as my heart anyway...

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Kili & Tauriel ~ They had me shipping them from the moment this scene happened. :)

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I don't care, I love KILIEL!!!! <3 - gif from

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Honestly, I only tolerated Tauriel and Kili before BOTFA--but I like them so much better now.

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It’s stronger than us by j-witless (I love Kiliel! There are gonna be more pins like this lol)

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