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In New York City, piles of Christmas packages meant for American servicemen who have been listed as missing or killed in action await for “Return to Sender” stamps, 1944. You can see the words “missing” or “deceased” stamped on some of the packages on the bottom of the photograph.


Rear Admiral Isaac C. Kidd was killed on the bridge of the USS Arizona (BB-39) during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He was a posthumous recipient of the nation's highest military honor — the Medal of Honor. The highest ranking casualty at Pearl Harbor, he became the first U.S. Navy flag officer killed in action in World War II as well as the first killed in action against any foreign enemy.


Youngest Vietnam War US Marine Was 14 Years Old When He Joined, He Was Killed In Action Age 15


George Watson was a private in the United States Army who was killed in action during World War II. He was one of seven African American soldiers to be awarded the Medal of Honor for their actions during World War II, and the only one of the seven to earn his medal while serving in the Pacific Theater.


A British commando, killed in action during the Saint-Nazaire Raid, lies in a pool of blood. The Saint-Nazaire Raid (codenamed Operation Chariot) was a successful British amphibious attack on the heavily defended Louis Joubert Lock at Saint-Nazaire in German occupied France. The operation was undertaken by the Royal Navy and British Commandos under the auspices of Combined Operations Headquarters. Saint-Nazaire was targeted because the loss of its dry dock would force any large German…


101st Airborne Sgt. James A. Tyner on patrol near Quang Tri, South Vietnam. This is one of the last pictures taken of him. He was killed in action April 15, 1970. - Vietnam War


Helena Theodora Kuipers-Rietberg (Netherlands Resistance name: Tante Riek from Winterswijk ), called the Mother of Hiding Places. She started by hiding Jews in her home and became a founder of the National Organization to Assist in Hiding (the L.O.) which helped Jews, shot-down Allied pilots, forced laborers, and others. Betrayed, and killed in Ravensbrück on December 27th 1944.


AntonHafner killed in action 17 October 1944 Luftwaffe fighter ace and recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves Hafner shot down a Russian Yak-7 fighter as his 204th victory on 17 October 1944. However, during the dogfight his plane hit a tree. His Bf 109G-6 “Black 1” crashed killing Hafner, Hafner was credited with 204 victories in 795 sorties. He had 184 kills over the Eastern Front. Of his 20 kills recorded over the Western front, eight were 55…


Somewhere in Vietnam. He lost his arm, but otherwise was ok. The medic is the one without the helmet - he was killed in action September 1968. This photo was taken by Earl Van Allstien, battalion photographer The medic is Kenneth Kotyluk and served in the 101st Airborne Division. - Vietnam War


The story of an underage US Marine who fought in the Vietnam War has been uncovered. Dan Bullock joined the US Marines so that he could join the fight against the Viet Cong during the Vietnam W