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Those Insecticides We’re Told Aren’t Killing Bees Are Also Hurting Birds ##Time4TheTalk: The Birds and The Bees


Plants used for bee habitat might kill bees Dan Gunderson August 14, 2013 - University of Minnesota researchers are studying the effect of insecticide on bees. (Photo courtesy Scott Leddy) Back yard gardeners who plant bee-friendly plants and flowers, may actually be killing bees. A new report released today by Friends of the Earth, showed that plants purchased at large retailers can contain insecticides toxic to bees and other insects.

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Neonicotinoids: How your bee-friendly garden may actually be killing bees, unless you know what to ask...

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More Scientific Studies Indicate That Cell Phones are Harming Bees #bees #cell_phones #environment

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‘Neonic’ pesticides killing bees, harming environment: scientists - National | study also showed the chemicals pose a significant risk to earthworms and birds and are harming the planet’s ecosystem.


"Are Your Delicious, Healthy Almonds Killing Bees?" (article) (via Mother Jones) (29 April 2014) Talks about the recent huge die-off of bees who pollinate California's almond crops. Pesticides are strongly suspected.