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Kit Includes:- Silicone Sleeve - Universal Camera Clip & Wall Mount - 10-ft Extension Cable - Camera Lens Cleaning Kit

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Kinect for Xbox 360 is changing the game. Well, it’s changing how you play games. And how you watch TV. And movies. And listen to music. Because with Kinect, there are no controllers. Or remotes. There’s just you. And if you ask us, that’s all you need.

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Body-Controlled Dance Games

The Fantasia: Music Evolved XBOX Kinect Game is Inspired by Disney #dance

We still need a Kinect. So many games that look really fun, and I want to try the fitness games. Maybe even some Dance Central lol.

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Kinect for Xbox 360 Adds Two Family Games to its Line-Up [GIVEAWAY]

Xbox Kinect is awesome because loved ones of all skill levels can jump in and play games together. #familyfaves

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Ghost Hunters Explain How Xbox Kinect Sees Spirits Inside Haunted Houses

What lies for us in the afterlife? Is it an endless darkness or perhaps there are those that come back to haunt us for eternity as if they have unfinished business. Whatever your beliefs, be ready to be frightened as I will reveal some of the...

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