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Diffusion Choir is a kinetic sculpture that uses 400 folding elements to reveal the movements of an invisible flock of birds. Its movements are always changing, driven by custom software running a flocking algorithm. The sculpture hangs in the atrium of 650 East Kendall Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and was commissioned by BioMed Realty. Diffusion Choir was created by Sosolimited, Plebian Design, and Hypersonic. Learn more at

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Kinetic Architecture: Designs for Active Envelopes

Kinetic Architecture Hardcover. Authors Russell Fortmeyer and Charles Linn trace the historical development of active facades in modern architecture, and reveal how contemporary architects and consultants design and test these systems. A shift


RESPONSIVE KINEMATICS This is an architectural design project that began through conversations with Ron Resch in December 2008 regarding kinetic and kinemati...


Santiago Calatrava + Fabio Reinhardt + Bruno Reichlin | Loading bay doors. Warehouse of Ernstings factory, 1983-1985 Coesfeld-Lette “These bay doors were the first application of an idea that originated in a sculpture by Calatrava; a form based on the shape of the human eye. Here, the form became an experiment in kinetics, used to investigate the mechanical transformation of planes in a building.” Via 1