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For King and Country aaaand now you have the song running through your head.

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This is a symbol of how Joel and Luke came up with the band name. They call themselves this, because it was a battle cry of the British soldiers as they went into war. "For King and Country!" The symbols mean, in the upper left hand corner, it the Roman Numeral for the number 4, but they used it as "For". The upper right hand corner is a crown, meaning King, which is God. The bottom left hand corner is the symbol for the word, "and". Last, the bottom right hand corner is Australia, their…

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For King and Country - "No matter what I say, no matter what I believe, no…

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For King and Country "It's not over yet"

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Shoulders For King and Country lyric art

Shoulders For King and Country lyric art by mghpaints on Etsy

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"Priceless" by For King and Country 'Mirror mirror, mirror on the wall Telling those lies...'

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for King and Country

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The very talented energetic Smallbone brothers. Joel & Luke of "For King & Country."

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For King and Country: Run Wild, Live Free, Love Strong.<< the cd came out today! :D

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