Korean War

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OMG with that neck again!!!!! My vampire senses are tingling

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A Fine Belle Epoque Black Opal and Diamond Pendant Necklace, Circa 1900. Centering a cabochon black opal, between old brilliant-cut diamond set ribbons and frame, suspending a pear-shaped cabochon black opal drop, accented by single and old brilliant-cut diamonds by the Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company Ltd., 112 Regent St. London, by appointment to H.M. the King.

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Portrait of King Edward VI (1537-1553), Workshop of Guillim Scrotts fl.1537-1553 | Philip Mould & Company

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Aww!!! Nico and Small Bob. I love this sooo much. i think I've already pinned the pencil version of this but I've never seen the coloured version before.

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Blackfyre, one of two ancestral Valyrian steel longswords of House Targaryen, brought to Westeros by Aegon I. Blackfyre was passed from Targaryen king to king, until Aegon the Unworthy bestowed it on his bastard son Daemon instead of his legitimate son, Daeron, After the Daemon's death, his half brother Bittersteel took Blackfyre with him in exile to the Free Cities, where he and Daemon's surviving kin founded the mercenary force, the Golden Company. The sword's current whereabouts are…

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King Richard III - Advertisement

A vintage colour illustration of King Richard III promoting the King Insurance Company of London, circa 1910.

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