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King Richard I The Lion Heart (1189-1199). House of Angevin. 21st great-granduncle to QEII. Reign: 9 yrs, 8 mos, 30 days. Successor: brother, John. 3rd son of Henry II, rebelled against his father twice before becoming King. Richard acquired a reputation as a warrior becoming known as Richard ‘The Lion Heart’. After 3 successful crusades he was captured by the Duke of Austria. Upon release he returned to England where his brother John was ruling in his stead. Was later killed at war in…

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A study of King Richard III’s bones uncovered 11 injuries inflicted near the time of death by common Late Medieval weapons.

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King Richard I

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richard the lion heart | Richard the Lionheart by gacktmoon

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The Crown of King Richard III

The Crown of King Richard III — John Ashdown-Hill

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King Richard III of England....tousling his pimp pinky ring. (The more you know***Henry VII-founder of the Tudor dynasty, father of Henry VIII, killed King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth then married Richard's niece Elizabeth.... King Richard III skeleton just found)

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The facial reconstruction of Richard III produced by University of Dundee and funded by the Richard III Society

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U.K. Richard I the Lionheart buried next to his mother Queen Alienor d'Aquitaine and his father King Henry II of England in Fontevraud Royal Abbey, France

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King Richard II, son of Edward The Black Prince.

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