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Garcia II Nkanga a Lukeni a Nzenze a Ntumba, also known as Garcia Afonso for short, ruled the Kingdom of Kongo from 1641 to 1661; he is sometimes considered Kongo's greatest king for his religious piety and his near expulsion of the Portuguese from Angola.

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Prince Nicolau - Kingdom of Kongo (c.1830 - 1860). Dom Nicolau was perhaps the earliest African leader who wrote publicly to protest colonial influences.

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European royalty....

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Kongo Civilization | CLICK THE MAP TO JUMP TO AN EMPIRE: This map is not accurate in scale ...

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Africa | Hat (ngunda, mpu) from the Kongo people of DR Congo | Plant fiber, cotton, leapard claws, dyes | ca. 1890

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The Kingdom of Kongo and Portugal

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QUEEN NZINGA Queen Nzinga Mbande was a ruthless and powerful 17th century African ruler of the Ndongo and Matamba Kingdoms (modern-day Angola). Nzinga fearlessly and cleverly fought for the freedom and stature of her kingdoms against the Portuguese, who were colonizing the area at the time. By her own determination and refusal to give in to the Portuguese without a fight, she transformed her kingdom into a formidable commercial state on equal footing with the Portuguese colonies.

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Kingdom of Kongo Court - coastal kingdoms like the Kongo used the profits from the slave trade to purchase guns (among other things), which helped them expand and consolidate their kingdoms. Those who resisted were sold to the Europeans.

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King Dom Affonso I became King of Kongo in 1506 AD. Like many Africans who became Christians, he was baptised with a Portuguese name.

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