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Kira kosarin boyfriend

Hey im Lizzie. Im chloes sister who moved away...bur back! Im kinda crushing but he wont like me anyway! Im a major tomboy yet a girly girl! I love fun people! And normal people lol! <3 you!


Hey! I'm Kinsley! I'm fifteen! I'm a Slytherin and daughter of Poseidon! I'm not full human. I'm part dark angel. I'm also part faerie. I have ice, water, fire, charmspeak, and healing powers. My best friend is @Vivi7890 and her boyfriend is my brother Bradley. I'm an actor, singer, gymnast, dancer, ice skater, and cheerleader. I'm from District 2 and Dauntless. Any questions?


New Things Come and Go (Jack Griffo AU) - Chapter 3