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The Strange Story of Klaus Fuchs, the Red Spy in the Manhattan Project

Klaus Fuchs was just one of the many eccentrics chosen to work on the Manhattan Project. People remembered him as being serious, quiet, and earnest. He was also a spy — whose eventual capture lead to both the Red Scare and the arrest of the Rosenbergs.


Spy. Police photograph of Physicist Klaus Fuchs. In 1933 Fuchs fled Germany for Britain. During the War he worked on the Manhattan Project in the United States to build the Atomic Bomb and later worked on British nuclear projects. In 1950 he admitted spying for the Russians since 1942 and passing on details of British and American nuclear technology.


Aleksandr Semyonovich Feklisov (March 9, 1914 – October 26, 2007) was a Soviet spy, the NKGB Case Officer who received information from Julius Rosenberg and Klaus Fuchs, among others.


Klaus Fuchs, spy who nobody suspected his mildness -even blankness concealed an amount of belief & daring. Beaten up by Brownshirts in Germany, you’d never guess it from his Los Alamos persona: German-born physicist worked in Los Alamos on atom bomb project for 2 yrs he gave KGB contacts plans for bldg hydrogen bomb. & provided key data on the production of uranium 235 so Soviets knew the # of bombs possessed by the US. Tried & sentenced to 14 yrs in prison


Heiße Quelle: Klaus Fuchs (l.) galt als brillanter Wissenschaftler....

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