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Kathleen Eloise Rockwell (1873–1957), best known as "Klondike Kate," gained fame as a dancer and vaudeville star during the Klondike Gold Rush, where she met Alexander Pantages who later became a very successful vaudeville/motion picture mogul. She gained notoriety for her flirtatious dancing and ability to keep hard-working miners happy, if not inebriated.


Klondike Kates

osee Savard and Chef Phillippe Lamarche have Klondike Kate’s Restaurant and Cabins, a lovely eatery plus accommodation, in a building constructed in 1904.


Belinda Mulrooney, known as Klondike Kate: "We wore tights in those days. If we hadn't the Mounted Police would have run us out of the country."


In 1898 Kate Rockwell made her way to Dawson and the Klondike just because and then found she'd have to earn a livelihood. That is when she became an "entertainer" at the St. Paul Winter Carnival which was a type of casino at the time. She became known as "Klondike Kate" and today has a following in "Klondike Kates" a sisterhood.

(Yukon) Vivacious, fun loving and perhaps a little rebellious, Klondike Kate made a name for herself dancing on the stages of Dawson City during the height of the Klondike Gold Rush.


Great food and terrific cabins at a generous price. Exceptional service too. Stay at Klondike Kates when traveling the Dempster Highway to Inuvik.