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The Zimmer knee implants are used in knee replacement surgeries to give patients relief from problems of knee joints. Zimmer offers a minimally invasive solution through many Zimmer knee components. They have been developed as per requirements for minimally invasive surgery. Zimmer MIS Solutions are designed to facilitate implantation through a smaller incision so that muscles and tendons around the knee are not damaged.


Stealthy Cotera raises nearly $8m for knee implants -

Comparison of the standard off-the-shelf knee implant and the ConforMIS iTotal knee implant for full knee replacement.

ConforMIS Announces Clinical Study iTotal CR Customized Implants better approximate knee motion compared to Off-the-Shelf Total Knee Implant -

3D Systems gets 10,000 injured dogs running again with 3D printed knee implants

Cost Effectiveness and Economic Impact of the KineSpring® Knee Implant System in the Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis in Spain. -

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