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I just did this leg and butt workout and it felt amazing!! I have terrible knees and this made my thighs burn!! -Brooke

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Knee pain can occur at several places in the joint depending on the injury or condition.

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12-Minute HIIT Workout For Bad Knees

Most HIIT workouts include a lot of plyometrics which can put strain on your knees. Try this 12-minute HIIT workout for bad knees! It's low impact but still shreds the pounds.

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KT Tape: Inner Knee (for strain caused by--among other things--abrupt changes in direction)

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I love reading testimonials! Great to know that we can rely on so many oils to help with tendon, ligament and muscle strain.

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Thigh muscle pain symptoms can be mild to extreme based on the level of your injury. A sharp pain or pulling may be felt in the area of the pull, strain or tear. This can radiate along the length of your #quadriceps muscle up to your hip and pelvis, and/or down through your knee. #thighpain

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Seated Workout I Did: Post-Surgery Sweat Sesh

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