Learn everything you need to know about different types of knitting needles in this FREE eBook! #knitting #knittingneedles

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How much do you know about knitting needles? Do you know your DPN's from your circulars? Your single points from your cables? Your fixed from your interchangeables? If you do, awesome! You're already one step ahead! If not, have no fear, knitting jargon aside, it's not actually all too complicated, and I'm going to explain what all the different types are and why you would use them! Click through to find out more!

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making your own knitting needles another tutorial http://tossedcookies.wordpress.com/2009/03/14/my-reasonably-comprehensive-knitting-needle-tutorial/

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Knitters Pride Dreamz's exquisitely handcrafted single point needles in 10" lengths- made of hardened Birch, these needles are finished with a color wash that helps you identify sizes quickly and easi

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A luxury knitting kit with 1kg of giant un-spun pure merino yarn, giant handmade 40mm knitting needles and instructions.

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