It reminds me of that one scene from "Dead Poets Society"

Toward Society 3.0: A New Paradigm for 21st century education by John Moravec on Sep 28, 2008 63,512 views The convergence of globalization, the emergence of the knowledge society and accelerating change contribute to what might be best termed a New Paradigm of knowledge production in education.

Image taken from: Title: "Sketches of our life at Sarawak, etc" Author: MACDOUGALL, Harriette - Mrs Shelfmark: "British Library HMNTS" Page: 240 Place of Publishing: London Date of Publishing: 1882 Publisher: Christian Knowledge Society Issuance: monographic Identifier: 002311657 Explore: Find this item in the British Library catalogue, 'Explore'. Download the PDF for this book (volume: 0) Image found on book scan 240 (NB not necessarily a page numbe...

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According to the American Cancer Society, three out of four households will experience a cancer diagnosis in their family at some point in their lives. Receiving cancer support is vital for the person going through a diagnosis. Sociological studies have proven that emotional support can affect immune system function, treatment outcomes, and even cancer mortality rates. Click on the image to discover 4 Ways to Provide the Best Support to Friends & Family who are Fighting Cancer.

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Radiant, luminous "crone" woman. During ancient times, the crones, hags and witches were frequently sages, leaders, midwives and healers in their communities and were revered for their wisdom and knowledge. As history evolved and a patriarchal society took hold, the definitions of the crone, (the crowned one) the hag, (the holy one), and the witch (the wise one) were distorted. May we again respect all elders and honor their wisdom. WILD WOMAN SISTERHOOD

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