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Large stone rings known so far only in Gobekli Tepe. Their function is still completely unknown.

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DOLCE - A0976829 - - Manhattan TO BE DESTROYED 01/13/17 **NEW HOPE RESCUE ONLY** A volunteer writes: Have you ever met someone and just known there was so much more beneath the surface than what shows? That’s how I felt when I first met Dolce. He’s a big boy, 95 lbs, and like the meaning of his name, is incredibly sweet. He seems to be housetrained, is good on leash and ignores other dogs we pass. Although we were told that he doesn’t know any commands,

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Human paleogenetics of Europe – The known knowns and the known unknowns - ResearchGate

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Anjesenamón (Also Known As Ankhesenamun) was the third of six daughters of Akhenaten (Akhenaton) and the Royal Great Wife, Nefertiti. His original name, Anjesenpaatón MEANS that Lives By The Aton. His exact birth date is unknown, but it likely to be the first of the royal princesses born May at the newly founded capital of Egypt, Akhetaten.

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unknown Seminole artist (Seminole), Bandolier Bag, ca. 1880, glass beads on calico and yarn, The Elizabeth Cole Butler Collection, no known copyright restrictions, 2013.38.48

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What I'm saying is, there are known knowns and known unknowns, but there's also unknown unknowns...things we don't know we know.

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Knowledge deals with what is known. Imagination extrapolates to the unknown. Mind Your Own Biz: #FUELGOODNOW

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One of the more well-known Titanic markers is for an unidentified child victim, known for decades as The Unknown Child. No one claimed the body, so he was buried with funds provided by sailors of the CS Mackay-Bennett, the cable ship that recovered his body. The marker bears the inscription Erected to the memory of an unknown child whose remains were recovered after the disaster of the Titanic April 15th 1912. In November 2002, the child was initially identified as 13-month-old Eino Viljami

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World’s Most Mysterious Manuscript

World’s Most Mysterious Manuscript It’s a book by an unknown author in a language no one understands. Officially, it is known as Beinecke MS 408

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