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Koch Industries

Koch Industries Responds to RS – And We Answer Back

The Koch Bros - head of one of the most criminal businesses in the country - attempt to assassinate the character of a Rolling Stone journalist. Read more: Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook

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Koch Brothers' Toxic Legacy Detailed In New Report

The 51-page report was produced by the group American Bridge 21st Century. Titled "Legacy of Loss: Koch Industries' Layoffs and Environmental Harm in Battleground States," it looks at 12 states where Democrats are facing tough races in the fall. Most of the facts laid out in the report have been previously reported by local news outlets, but taken together they serve to reinforce a major Democratic narrative for 2014: that the GOP is a party funded by billionaires whose business practices…

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As Obama Pushes For Minimum Wage Increase, Billionaire Charles Koch Rails Against It With Media Campaign

War on Workers... Keep you Poor, Workers are easier to manipulate!! In an interview w/ The Wichita Eagle on Tuesday, Charles Koch said that doing away with the Federal Min. Wage requirement in the United States would benefit the poor. According to Mr. Koch, who is the CEO of Koch Industries, a multi-billion dollar mega-corporation who has its Fat-Greedy Paws in about everything, including Puppet Politicians’ pocketbooks!!

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Billionaire oilman David Koch used to joke that Koch Industries was "the biggest company you've never heard of." Now the shroud of secrecy has thankfully been lifted, revealing the $67 million that he and his brother Charles have quietly funneled to climate-denial front groups that are working to delay policies and regulations aimed at stopping global warming, most of which are part of the State Policy Network.

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The Criminal Congress we have now will NEVER allow this to happen and have fought President Obama for trying to push the idea. Our Criminal Congress has been paid handsomely by Koch Industries and many large Corporations to block any movement to to do so. Makes you wonder....what the hell were all those Middle Class and Poor Republicans thinking about last November when they voted in one of the most Lazy, Crooked, Criminal bodies of Congress in history.

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Oil Baron Koch and his brother own oil and mining interests in EVERY state. Their father FOUNDED the Libertarian Party. The Koch brothers CREATED the TEA PARTY, PAID for their campaigns, and took over the GOP. Their Libertarian aims are to do away with Regulations, Unions, Taxes, and Civil Rights.

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Koch Brothers' Toxic Legacy Detailed In New Report


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Mitch McConnell has voted against raising the minimum wage 17 times in his career. He has filibustered every recent attempt to raise the minimum wage in the current Congress, so anyone with half a brain should not be surprised that he promised that he wouldn’t raise the mininum wage if he becomes Majority Leader. The main topic of his speech was Citizens United, and how the wealthy and corporations should control our elections. In the process of praising Citizens United, McConnell described…

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Koch-Owned Georgia-Pacific Plant Linked To High Cancer Rates, Film Alleges

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Real-life Darth Vader/ Emperor Palpatine duo now in charge of U.S. energy policy

The L.A. Times gang-wrote a terrifying feature on the Koch brothers detailing just how deeply into the House Energy and Commerce Committee the tentacles of Americans For Prosperity — the political wing of the mythical ‘Kochtopus‘ — have reached. As a result, this committee is now full of representatives who are determined to block any EPA action that would curtail the emissions of greenhouse gasses, something that Koch Industries does in spades.

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