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Three young girls play on the steps of a building. At the turn of the 20th century, Christian missionaries opened girls' schools, granting Korean women access to modern education for the first time. When the Korean Peninsula split in 1945, the North applied communist principles of gender equality, placing a particular emphasis on the participation of women in economic production -- an approach that is still taken today.

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First horned dinosaur from South Korea discovered

Scientists from South Korea, the United States and Japan analyzed fossil evidence found in South Korea and published research describing a new horned dinosaur. The newly identified genus, Koreaceratops hwaseongensis, lived about 103 million years ago during the late Early Cretaceous period. The specimen is the first ceratopsian dinosaur from the Korean peninsula. The partial skeleton includes a significant portion of the animal's backbone, hip bone, partial hind limbs and a nearly complete…


SEA OF JAPAN (July 26, 2010) The Los Angeles-class attack submarine USS Tucson (SSN 770) transits the Sea of Japan while leading a 13-ship formation. The Republic of Korea and the United States are conducting the combined alliance maritime and air readiness exercise Invincible Spirit in the seas east of the Korean peninsula from July 25-28, 2010. This is the first in a series of joint military exercises that will occur over the coming months.


Korean mail and plate armor, Joseon Dynasty. The Joseon Dynasty ruled over a united Korean Peninsula for more than 500 years, from the fall of the Goryeo Dynasty in 1392 through the Japanese Occupation of 1910.


FYI: A lot of Korean people would be confused by this picture. It's not really common to separate the Korean peninsula like this. Some would be rather offended. There is a lot of inter-Korean tension and problems, but they still see themselves as one people. (You know, 'cause 60 years apart vs. 5,000 years together...)

Traditional Korean villages are a sight to behold. Learn a few things about them.

Traditional Korean villages are a sight to behold. Learn a few things about them.


Japanese Oakblue - Arhopala japonica - is a butterfly of the Lycaenidae family. - It is found in Indochina, Japan, the Ryukyu Islands, the Korean Peninsula and Taiwan. - Wikipedia


Dolmen. Hwasun County, Korea. Dolmens are megalithic stones, found both in Europe and in Asia, that mark the burial of prehistoric elites. Those in Hwasun date to the 6th-5th century BC, later than Gochang and Gonghwa. They belong to the "southern" type of dolmen, in which a capstone is supported upon a set of smaller stones and the burial is placed underground. There are hundreds of dolmens scattered around Hwasun County, between Hyosan-ri and Daesin-ri.