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#mind: Alzheimer's disease and Korsakoff's syndrome: Learn about how Alzheimer's Disease and Korsakoff's Syndrome affect memory.

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Korsakoff Syndrome | Signs, Symptoms, & Diagnosis. Those with Korsakoff syndrome may "confabulate," or make up, information they can't remember. They are not "lying" but may actually believe their invented explanations. Scientists don't yet understand why Korsakoff syndrome may cause confabulation.

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The Dangers of Korsakoff Syndrome

The Dangers of Korsakoff Syndrome -,2389c4e5-548b-d995-0270-98d0fd52ff8c

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Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome (#WKS), Also Called “Wet Brain”, Is A Type Of #Dementia That Some People Going Through Alcoholism Might Develop, Usually Towards The End Stages. It’s Caused By A Deficiency In Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Which Helps The Body Turn Food Into Energy.

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I nursed a patient with Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. Very aggressive, challenging behaviour. Time needs to be spent with these people to orientate them to their environment. I took a lot of verbal abuse (made it known it was uacceptable). He calmed down, remembered he had manners and i even got a hug. He remained like this until his discharge. continuity of care was very important in this case. change frightens dementia sufferers. I believe there's always part of the person that can be…

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I wonder what exactly what parts of the personality or intelligence those dark spots affect? I mean, I can guess from experience, but I wonder.

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