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Kurt Cobain (Smoking) With Guitar Black & White Music Poster

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Kurt Cobain - I was a massive Nirvana fan but I have never seen this pic before.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

45 Photos Of Kurt Cobain

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CONT... I still remember Love reading the letter, it hurt my heart then but now from my own experience of losing someone unexpected & for a point feeling the uncertainty of my dad making it through chemo, my compassion for what Courtney, Francis & Nirvana band members went through & family, has greatly expanded. It is not a feeling you wish upon any person to feel, but it's life. Sadly such a loss by suicide, has not done much to CONT http://www.kurtcobainssuicidenote.com/kurt_cobains_s

Which Music Era Do You Actually Belong In?

nirvana mtv unplugged in NYC. The only man that can get away with wearing a nana cardi

kurt cobain | POLL: Would Kurt Cobain Bridge Glorify Drug Use And Suicide ...

POLL: Would Kurt Cobain Bridge Glorify Drug Use And Suicide?

Kurt Cobain’s Posthumous Solo Album Is Coming Soon

Kurt Donald Cobain (February 1967 – c. April was an American musician and artist. He was best known as the lead singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter of the grunge band Nirvana. I miss you!

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Pictures of Kurt Cobain Looking Happy

Mr. Kurt Cobain. As some critics like to say, there are certain people where you can see the axis of musical history twisting on them: Hendrix was pivotal, Prince was pivotal, Cobain was pivotal.

Grunge is a genre of music. It is categorized as alternative rock, made famous by bands like Nirvana and Nickelback. Grunge fashion is part of this era.

Im not like them but I can pretend, the sun is gone, but I have a light,... the day is done but I'm having fun, I think I'm dumb, but maybe just happy

Kurt Cobain 1967 - Lead singer, guitarist and primary songwriter of the band Nirvana

Kurt Cobain will always be one of my absolute favorite guys.

Kurt Cobain's Suicide May Actually Have Been A Murder, Says Former Police Chief Who Is Calling For A Reinvestigation