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Kuru Disease

kuru disease in Syria is spreading-cause eating human body parts, lung, brains- i.e. cannibalism. according to Al-Shafie, the founder of Islamic jurisprudence: one may eat the flesh of a human body. not a moslim but anybody else. Al-Azhar university condones this. Obama's speech in 2009-at al-azhar university

from Consortium of Defense Analysts

Syrian Muslims infected with Kuru, a disease of cannibals

Syrian Muslims Infected With Kuru, a Disease of Cannibals--pongy TSE-infected brain tissue


Hillary has KURU Disease from Child Cannibalism - The symptoms of Hillary's illness along with her Spirit Cooking & satanic pedophile activities related to Molech and Pagan practices which may have included CANNIBALISM point to a diagnosis of KURU disease - a very rare INCURABLE brain disorder.