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this is for my two best friends L and R i miss you and im going crazy without you

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Quand les artistes rendent hommage à Carrie Fisher

Les meilleurs hommages et les réactions d'artistes suite à l'annonce du décès de Carrie Fisher, l'actrice connue pour le rôle de Leia dans Star Wars.

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We’re so busy trying to become great, that we’re missing what greatness really is...

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Photo: Daddy all the way! Rest in Peace Spl 4 Everett L. Tucker, Jr. 1950-2014 I Love and Miss You Daddy!

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♡♡♡ l still miss you so much and can't believe the unending pain ♡♡♡

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"I was confronted with the reality that I had grown up expecting to be married. This is what I wanted so of course God would give it to me I thought. But in Elisabeth Elliots no-nonsense way she corrected my faulty thinking and completely realigned my per

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65 Best Free Fonts of 2016! - Free Pretty Things For You

65 Best Free Fonts of 2016! - Free Pretty Things For You

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It was a beautiful video today but idk how I'll live without a Dan and Phil video every day??? I think I might get tabinof tomorrow (I'm kinda new to the phandom) so that's a lot of material but S T I L L I'll miss it

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