Labor union

No union means you’re an employee-at-will and your employer can fire you for any reason or no reason. Union contracts mean employers can only fire you, change your wages/hours of work for just cause.

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What have unions done for the working class? A lot! Collective bargaining power protects the working class from corporate exploitation.

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Why thank a union? .... they also fought and lost lives for: the 8 hr workday, child labor laws, insurance, fair pay, etc.

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There wasn't always an 8 hour workday. That was fought for by unions for American workers. Support union by buying union, visit

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The true purpose of so-called #RightToWork is to destroy #labor unions and the…

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can you imagine a job without weekends, 40 hr work weeks, overtime, safety regulations, child labor laws, minimum wage, paid leave...? Support unions by buying union made to keep this country strong! Labor 411 makes it easy to buy union

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Weekend Reading List - Labor Union Edition | Winning Progressive Labor unions build a strong middle class, Labor Day speeches from historic figures in the labor movement, and more in this weekend's reading list.

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