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Sergio Tacchini. Sky blue


Meet the fashion graduate subverting lad culture


oyster ‘Stylised depictions of lad culture rescind the myth that fashion is blind to class’.


And Oxford is holding workshops for rugby players to stamp out 'lad culture'.

from The Huffington Post

90s Lad Culture Was Beautiful

What started as a progressive movement where men, and women, could be their beautiful, imperfect selves, attracted these same people. Because the freedom to be yourself is all well and good unless you're a pr*ck. If you're a pr*ck, be someone else.

from the Guardian

NUS summit: Tackling lad culture at university – as it happened

students at lad culture summit

from the Guardian

The 10 best British youth cultures

By the mid-1960s, fashion was heavily under the influence of the ska music that filled the airwaves. Skinhead subculture was created from a fascination with the Jamaican rude boy style and evolved to adopt drainpipe denim, checkered shirts, white T-shirts, braces and cherry red DMs as a fashion identity. As a young lad going to watch Blackburn Rovers in the late 60s, I was in awe of these immaculately turned out – and somewhat menacing “skins”. Shame the look was adopted by rightwing racists…

from the Guardian

In defence of lad culture: camaraderie, fun and friendships – video

Dave Llewellyn argues that blaming lad culture for all misogyny shuts many young men out of a conversation that they need to be a part of


For the third year running, London based photographer, Eva K. Salvi and stylist Krishan Parmar have teamed up to capture 50 Boys Of Summer. Shot on location in London, in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online, the series explores the relationship between fashion and 'British Lad' culture.

from The Good Men Project

Yes Means Yes Culture of Consent Catches On -

Lad culture of conquest targeted by new Oxbridge sexual consent workshops.