Lakers game tonight

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Kendall and Hailey at Lakers game tonight #kendalljenner #haileybaldwin

Can I get an ID on these sneakers that Rob Dyrdek had on at the Lakers game tonight?

Ran into the talented @shaundross at the Lakers game tonight! I would love to work on a project with you! #365style #inmyskiniwin #stylist

Celebrating our Anniversary 3 days later at the @lakers game tonight.

We will be hosting the @WasWizards vs Lakers game tonight at The Verizon Center!! Be sure to drop by our booth at Section 113A for giveaways and coupons! #BeElite #dcRising #OfficialSponsor

Last night Carlos Pena , James Maslow and Logan Henderson attended the Lakers game. They all tweeted about game through the evening. So Carlos Tweeted " "Lakers game tonight with @sammydroke and @alecthetrainer!!

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Kobe fist bumps Derrick Rose's son P.J. prior to Bulls-Lakers game tonight.

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