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Sporting a 660 horsepower, 6.5 litre V12 and F-22 Raptor-inspired styling, the Lamborghini Reventón (€1 million, around $1.4 million) is the most powerful and expensive Lamborghini ever. Along with a composite carbon fibre exterior, the Reventón packs features like carbon brake disks, heatproof LEDs for rear indicator lights, black aluminum wheels with carbon fin accents


World's Most Expensive Lamborghini ... The Reventon is named after a fighting bull. This may have been a poor choice as the name, meaning “explosion,” is also an automotive term—for a blowout. Only twenty of these expensive Lamborghinis were ever built and they were originally priced at a jaw-dropping $1.45 million.


Lamborghini Reventon : A $2 Million Supercar

With a price tag of nearly two million dollars, the Lamborghini Reventon is easily one of the most expensive cars from the Lamborghini stables, if not in the whole world. The Lamborghini Reventon was unveiled at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, with the popular Italian sports car manufacturer claiming this supercar was inspired, design-wise, by the world’s fastest airplanes, and the mechanical elements and interior by the Murciélago LP640.