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37 Things You Must Eat at Disney World

Here are the 5 best snacks that you must get at least once in Walt Disney World.

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50 Amazing Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas For A Delightful Dip!

the rock waterfall hides the pool equipment - good thought. too narrow for me, and I'm not a huge fan of the enclosure, but I do like the natural elements. Also, enclosure is close to back fence, which is what mine will have to do, only deeper

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Hawaï would be really nice to visit.

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OH MY LORD! This is definitely a fantasy pin... I would die for a sun room with windows like this! And so high!

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add curtains for pool enclosure

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thanks dream-homes

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75 Plus 25 Outdoor Rooms, Sun Shelters to Improve Outdoor Living Spaces

I like this idea, with a smaller shallow pool area just to sit in and relax, and have it right next to the outdoor lounge area, so you can watch the fireplace/TV.

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Every good Southern home should have one & it is definitely on my DYI project list for "some day!" I love that this shows the space doesn't have to be huge & it can still be stylish & cozy.

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concrete acid stained floor...perfect for that ugly indoor porch floor the last owner painted red!

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Deck Slide! Found a way down your stairs with Bookie !!!!

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