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The Ten Best Offbeat Sites in Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Ashton Memorial, Williamson Park, Lancaster, England by miketonge. Built in 1907 by millionaire industrialist Baron Ashton in memory of his second wife, Jessy

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Covered bridge in, Lancaster County Central Park. Lancaster, Pennsylvania Such a beautiful snow!! I took this pic with my iPhone on 2/10/16. More

Remembering Tom Sweetman (1925 - 2013). From fighter pilot to flight engineer on a Lancaster to accountant, husband & father of five grateful children

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Wars of the Roses, Houses of Lancaster & York, A Family Tree by G ґ ε ʇ ɔ н ε η B╚ ḯ Ⓣ ẕ

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Henry 'Bolingbroke' was the son of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster. Bolingbroke didn't make it a secret that he thought Richard II was a lousy king and unfit to rule. Richard banished him, and then stole his inheritance (and his title) when Gaunt died. Henry returned to claim his estates, saying that he just wanted back what was rightfully his. But he quite quickly changed his story -- he wanted to be king. He deposed Richard II and became Henry IV.

Covered Bridge in Lancaster, Pennsylvania We've been there and drove the "covered bridges" of Lancaster map...totally awesome.