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Get a Land Survey

Land surveys are of utmost importance when purchasing new land or building anything new on your land. If you are seeking a loan to buy a piece of property, your lender will almost certainly require that the land be surveyed. If you are building anything new near the property line, such as a fence or a shed, getting a survey done can keep you out of expensive legal trouble. Fortunately, you can learn how to get a land survey by following a few steps.


Systemic numbering in the Public Land Survey System - Township (United States) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


How to Read and Draw a Land Plat

Learn how to turn a deed description into a physical plat that you can pinpoint on a map with this guide to platting the land of your ancestors. Covers land surveys which follow the indiscriminate survey system, otherwise known as metes and bounds.


At Calvada Surveying, Inc., we consult with our clients in determining their exact land survey needs, assuring them of the most cost-effective land survey required for their project.


This is a marker that marks the beginning point of all land surveys in the state of Florida. It is located just south of Gaines Street in Tallahassee Florida.