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Non-monsanto seed companies. Important to buy from these seed companies to ensure the diversity for the future generations. Monsanto has already bought the biggest seed companies in the world and continues to buy them so they can control what seed people will be able to buy.


How to start a Lawn Care Business - information and resources on starting a lawn care business and earning $60-$80 per man per hour. This ebook is not about how to create the biggest, hottest, fastest or sexiest landscape -firm- on the planet. It's a powerful, simple "how to" for creating a profitable, simple, fun landscape -management- company that works for you and your clients, allows you to eventually "step back" and manage instead of physica...


Planning on landscaping your garden, and not sure where to begin? We've rounded up the best 10 landscapers in Australia who are shaping the way we use our outdoor spaces. Find out the innovators, and the classicists who are shaking up a garden near you. Yep, the enterprising names that bigwig architects get to do their gardens. More details on the blog at today - click link in bio. (Hint: the Domani fountain, pictured, is from dynamic leader @parterre_australia)…