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Rogue One, Star Wars, Luke Skywalker, Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, Bodhi Rook, K2SO, K-2SO, Chirrut Imwe, Baze Malbus

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Yeah I told someone that I'd pray for them before because their mom had ovarian cancer and they were like "you don't have to do that." I just stopped talking to them after that. I wonder how she's doing...

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Verb Race Game Freebie Lots of free grammar activities. I will definitely use the run-on sentence practice!

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Reify... to convert into or regard as a concrete thing

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GERMAN is widely spoken around the World - especially in the EU. It is a largely PHONETIC Language that has EVOLVED over the years. What is WRITTEN is usually what is SPOKEN -- thus making the Language a JOY to LEARN. If you need a FUN and EASY-to-FOLLOW

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Greek Alphabet Greek civilization laid the foundation for many of the accomplishments of the western world. the Greeks took the Phoenician or North Semitic alphabet and changed five consonants to vowels. Greeks applied geometric structure and order to the uneven Phoenician characters, converting them into art forms of great harmony and beauty. greeks developed Boustrophedon writing method-for every other line reads in the opposite direction.

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Speech2Sign ($0.00) The first app ever to convert speech to sign language for free! Learn sign language with the push of a button!

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"Which episode?" I asked in a monotoned voice. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN?! HE CANT DIE AGAIN!!!"

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Fun Simile & Metaphor Activities

Eight common Figures of Speech are featured on this page.   Simile, Metaphor, Onomatopoeia, Personification, Hyperbole, Alliteration, Irony and Allusion. Scroll to the very bottom for a more...

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