Africa is home to a plethora of diverse cultures, therefore there are a lot of uniquely indigenous languages - over 1,000 to be exact!

Another idea that ties into that of culture, is the language that is spoken there. In Africa, there are over 1000 indigenous languages that branch off of seven different language families. Africa may be a "young" continent, but it definitely has history!

the 200 or so languages of Africa. | Part d: The language in Africa

Map of the African continent with its current borders showing the distribution of African language families and some major African languages, map based on a map made by Mark Dingemanse

Languages of Africa. Data source: World Language Mapping System/Ethnologue. (Steve Huffman/WorldGeoDatasets)

40 more maps that explain the world

The amazingly diverse languages of Africa. 40 more maps that explain the world - The Washington Post

This post about ethnic diversity in Africa is a companion piece to my previous post. The renowned American anthropologist, George Murdock ( published Africa: Its peoples and their culture history i...

George Murdock’s map of the Ethnolinguistic groups of Africa

South Africa has 11 Official Languages BelAfrique - Your Personal Travel Planner -

South Africa has 11 Official Languages, soon to be 12 as South African Sign Language receives the recognition it deserves.

Top 10 Most prosperous Nations In Africa (Nigeria Out, Ghana In)

My "Project Management for Africa" Initiative aims to help create more awareness, promote and advance the practice of project management in Africa leveraging both online and traditional methods.