The Hardest Languages to Learn infographic. Great for visual learners! I can't wait to show this in Sp1 next semester when a student complains that Spanish is soooo hard. Then I'll give them all my examples of how Spanish structure and pronunciation are logical, and English is the harder of the two. If a student ever complains again, various classmates invariably respond, "Man, you're loco!" as they start siting my examples.

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Willow is obsessed with learning. She already knows a few languages, so this might be helpful to her.

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This worksheet provides a clear, quick-reference resource for students learning the verb "to be". It covers all the verb forms.

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Confused on how or when to use the words "Anyone vs Any One", No One vs None"? Check out this simple guide on the proper use of the words: Anyone vs Any One and No One vs None

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Which Coding Language Should You Learn? Got ASP.NET myself, pretty happy about it.

Time signs: Day, week, weekend, month, year, today, tomorrow, yesterday, last year and next year.

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How To Learn English Effectively (Infographic) | Effortless English Page
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