Do you want to start swimming regularly but find getting in the pool during lap swim hours intimidating? Here's everything you need to know about lap swimming etiquette.

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You don’t need be an Olympian to lap swim, but there are some things to keep in mind that can make the difference between a fun dip in the pool and an effective workout. Read this Beginners Guide to a Lap Swimming Workout.

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Summer means lots and lots of water. And I love switching it up from the gym to the pool to swim some laps. While I was once on a swim team, the amount of laps we would do consecutively was very hard for me and wasnt very fun at all.

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Novices and many triathletes struggle with the heels-over-head motion required to change directions while lap swimming. Here is how best to approach this seemingly simple but technically complex maneuver.

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Burn Calories in the Pool (No Laps Required!): The best exercises to blast fat and tone your whole body in water.

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